PROFILER- Meet Dorcas Aboderin

Dorcas Aboderin
NAME-Dorcas Aboderin
SERVICES- Home & Hygiene Products
BRAND NAME- DEELIGHT SPARKLEZ ..........See more details

WHAT INSPIRED YOU-"If you get tired, learn to rest, and not Quit." @swi_online.

Throw your whole self at That vision you see, even if no one sees it yet. Devour the moment. Don't despise the seed in your hands. You'll never know what you can do or be until you stretch. "Enthusiasm is the yeast that brings your hope alive & shines it to the stars." - Henry Ford."

CONTACT ADDRESS- Plot 100, Kwame Nkrumah Crescent, behind ECOWAS. Close to Summer set Hotel, Asokoro Abuja

PHONE NUMBER- +234 803 704 1025
SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLE- @dorcasaboderin, @deelightsparklez

DISCRIBE YOUR BUSINESS/COST- We Produce, sell and customize Home and Office Hygiene Products such as: Room/Air Fresheners, Liquid soap and hand wash, Sanitizers, disinfectants (Izal, dettol), Bleach, Water Closet accessories, and everything related.

Costing based on quantity:
1 to 11 liquid soap: 400 each

12 to 20 liquid soap: 350 each

Above 20 liquid soap: 300 each